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【JOYMOM's】 Germany Potato_250grams

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German potato cookies are also known by several names such as German crunch cookies, melting moments cookies, and cornstarch cookies (because they can be made with cornstarch as well). The taste of our Melt-In-Mouth Germany Potato cookies is never jeopardized as these cookies are dangerously addictive. They are crumbly and once you have them in your mouth, they just melt in,

Halal | MeSTI certified Product 🇲🇾 

娇妈妈榜上有名的 ''德式马铃薯饼'' , 浓郁奶香 | 入口即化 ,大人小孩的最佳零嘴/干粮~~heart 舌尖轻轻一压就酥化在口里的奶油香真的是爱了爱了,一颗接着一颗让人越吃越着迷的味道。