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【JOYMOM's】Pineapple Ball_350grams

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JMM Pineapple ball are usuallly consumed during the festival season, popular in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Taiwan. JMM melt-in-the-mouth bite size pineapple rolls are made just nice for you to pop the whole thing into your mouth and savour fine, buttery goodness together with the fruity pineapple filling & melt away in mouth !

Halal | MeSTI certified Product 🇲🇾 

泰国进口新鲜黄梨制作的黄梨馅料 搭上了Anchor Butter制作的饼皮 球形状增加口感的扎实饱满度 酸酸甜甜, 口感一级棒!