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【Joymom's 娇妈妈】Dragon Cookies 吉龍餅『罐装』

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JMM Dragon Butter cookies (a.k.a Cute Caterpillar Cookies ) is a butter cookie made with cornstarch, it has a melt-in-mouth texture which is a bit like kuih bangkit. It can also be piped into the shape of a Dragon Cookie.

Halal | MeSTI certified Product 🇲🇾 

纯手工烘焙制作,Anchor Butter 奶油制作,手工挤花,奶酥香味,奶油味最香浓的饼干。 (或称:毛毛虫饼,小孩们最熟悉不过的可爱毛虫饼 )